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Ron Mullis

While we intend to use this forum as a way of keeping you up-to-date on Mercuta products and services, another use-case for this blog is to provide users with a solid understanding of how cloud-based technologies can be leveraged to the benefit of their organizations. Surprising to many, advances in technology have occurred at such a brisk pace that many organizations – both large and small – haven’t had time to truly understand how attainable and beneficial cloud-based services have become. Unfortunately, a consequence of this lack of awareness means that many businesses will become less successful in their industry as their competitors take notice.

As a very basic example, just one year ago Carly Okyle reported in Entrepreneur magazine that, while 80% of consumers use the internet to make their purchases, 46% of US business surveyed operate without a website. Further, she writes that among the small businesses that do have websites, many of these companies are not leveraging the technology effectively. The irony of this technological shortfall is that the incredible marketing capabilities of a well-designed website would represent very little cost to a business – especially when compared to the potential gains realized by simply making more people aware of what the business has to offer.

Thank you for visiting blog@mercuta. Web design is just one of the services Mercuta has to offer. Please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to discuss strategies to make your business more successful.

Okyle, C. (2016, February). It’s 2016, But Nearly Half of U.S. Small Businesses Still Don’t Have a Website. Entrepreneur. Retrieved from https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/271068